About Us

Greenage Horticulture Nursery and Farms has got the recognition in the market as a leading supplier of fresh fruits, vegetables and horticulture plant saplings. We produce high quality fruits, vegetables and horticulture plant saplings which are cultivated by our skilled labourers.

Fruits and vegetables are the daily use items and it tastes best when consumed fresh. Farm fresh vegetables and fruits are catered to our customers. Our team of workers is also highly skilled and experienced in handpicking the fresh vegetables and fruits from the farms.

We cater to multiple vendors including individual fruit and vegetable sellers, retailers, hotels and juice centers in the business. Our produce is of superior grade and has high nutrient value.

The experience in selecting the best vegetables and fruits and delivering on time to the customers has helped us in gaining the market leadership.


All our hortculture plant saplings are grafted ones and are made of  excellent root stock and scions. We collect scions from excellent quality mother plants which were supplied by us earlier and graft them through panel grafting experts. 

Greenage horticulture's team of workers also select the finest grade of fruits and vegetables to ensure that the best quality is exported. We keep the pricing as per the market standards so that it will be affordable for the maximum customers.So Buy Fresh! Buy from US!

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